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Here is an excerpt of the music that I have composed for commercials in the last 15 years. I hope you enjoy watching my creations as much as I had creating them. The Citroen and TV commercials were pitch entries.

VW Polo Pitch

McDonald’s Feature

D2 / Vodafone Commercial

Standard Chartered Pitch

Candie’s Commercial

Brit Awards Trailer

Citroen Pitch „Coffee“
Citroen Pitch „Police“

Corporate Films

An excerpt of my the music I wrote for corporate films. The BMW picture was produced in cooperation with Mona Davis Music. The Louis Vuitton film in cooperation with Sebastian Watzinger.

Siemens Connected Mobility

Siemens Surgery Explorer

Abenteuer Deutschland

Flottweg Film

BMW Roadster

Cory Arcangel

The Screen

This section features my music for TV series and short films.

Composition for Sherm & His Germs US TV Series

Bad Catch – A Short Film

Trailer |ARD – Usedom Krimi

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