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I compose and produce music for film, tv and other media since more than 15 years. I can look back at an even longer career as a producer for dance, electronica and chillout music e.g. composing songs for the world famous Café del Mar compilations and many others.


My experience, countless successful productions and a precisely accurate musical expertise for your project and its realization support your workflow until the successful launch of your production. I provide exact compliance of delivery dates and briefing presettings and a complete 24/7 communication to guarantee your satisfaction and success. My huge, worldwide network of co-composers, producers, engineers, musicians and orchestras helps to even realize more complicated contracts in time and budget. I worked for BMW, McDonald’s, MTV, Citroen, National Geographic, Café del Mar, Vodafone, Premium Beat and many other satisfied customers.

Movies & TV

Music for Movies, Short-Films, Documentaries, TV Series and Movie Trailers.


Music and Sounddesign for any kind of Commercial in any requested style.

Image Films

Experience in composing music and Sounddesign for Imagefilms, Industryfilms and Features.


Orchestral, hybrid scores or any other music style for PC, Console and Mobile Games.

Listen To My Music

I started to compose more than 25 years ago. Starting off with Blues and Rock, I was quickly drawn into the world of Synthesizers and Electronic Music. Next to composing for Film, TV or Commercials, this is still a central part of my musical career. I release on a variety of different labels and compilations. My most known tracks as part of the project Levitation are probably More Than Ever People and Out Of Time, released on the world-famous Café del Mar compilation series and featured on countless TV shows and other media. I hope you enjoy listening to my work and its various styles.

Trailer Music

This Playlist contains two Coverversions of Coldplay’s “The Scientist”, produced for EON Sounds, Canada. The second track in the playlist is a pitch entry for the 2017 Star Wars Trailer (produced for EON Sounds as well) and two tracks (Ride For Your Life & Seaborne) that are licensed with Premium Beat.

Crime & Military Action/Tension

Pulsing synths, big thumping hits, explosions and powerful percussion. Epic, dramatic, and electrifying tracks for documentaries about crime, war and terror. The Sonic Punch tracks (Blitz ff.) are exclusively composed in the style of the movie Sicario by Denis Villeneuve.

Futuristic Tension

This playlist features tension tracks that were produced both with old analog synthesizers and modern gear. Immerse yourself in a sonic world that is so popular in present series like “Stranger Things” and “Mr. Robot”. Futuristic and timeless!

EDM & Dance

Rousing deep house tracks with rough edges. Luxurious elegant dance music and one urban track (Sneak Peak). Warm atmospheres with and without vocals and beautiful, catchy melodies that grab you and draw you to the dancefloor.

Chillout & Electronica

Chris has always strived for high standards in songwriting and composition. These songs where featured on countless TV series and commercials (e.g. Vodafone). Timeless Chillout and Electronica music that you might already be familiar with.

Watch My Videos

Here is an excerpt of the music that I have composed for Film, TV, Commercials, Games and other media in recent years. Please be sure to click here or the button below this section to get to the complete video portfolio.

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Meet The Team

Please let me introduce you to my trusted team. If needed, I am able to provide a huge network of composers, producers, engineers, musicians and orchestras. Just get in touch with me and we can talk about all possible options.

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